Insurance.Car in the national news

Insurance dot Car makes national news.

insurance dot car

Insurance dot car makes national news

We are very excited to see we have made it into the national news!

My goal has always been to help individuals and families save money on their car insurance by ensuring they have all of the facts.

I guess people actually like transparency and unbiased information so they can make their own choice about what car insurance to use to protect them and their family.

It’s a lot of work to bring you this information, but I really enjoy helping people and to get notice like this at the national level is a very encouraging sign.

There are haters like the insurance companies, and those who this information adversely affects but I still believe it’s the right thing to do.

Insurance Dot Car 

Some of you may be wondering why we spell out , and the quick answer is because 80% of our visitors actually connect with us through their smart phones and in-order for the search engines and the technology that the smart phones use to find us people do a search for “insurance dot car” that’s their natural language.  So we are trying to ensure when consumers are looking for us they find us as quickly and as easily as possible so building our pages away will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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