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Car insurance diminished value claim

There are so many things you need to know if you have been in a wreck… One of the things that many people don’t realize is there is a function called a diminished value claim that you will actually file

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Ify The customer service representative at Enterprise on Shiloh Road in Dallas rocks!

Great news I made it to enterprise on Shiloh Road in the customer service representative there rocks! I walked in the door and he was with other customers any greeted me, and then was very efficient and timely and respectful

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Fred Loya poor service with cut rate car insurance continues

Well my saga continues today Fred Loya insured excepted liability and told me they will pay for a rental car… They gave me a reservation number to call enterprise and I called enterprise and they said sure we have cars

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Loya insurance cut rate comes at a price.


Loya insurance Buyer beware! Drivers beware, hopefully you don’t get hit by an insured who decided to go with cut rate auto insurance from the Loya insurance group. I was just hit by somebody who decided to take a really fast

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Retirement tips regarding insurance

Great news you’re going to get a race! If you’re like my father when he rolled off his group insurance and went to Medicare he saved approximately $700 a month and basically saw that as a $10,000 a year raise

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Full Coverage Car Insurance


Full Coverage Car Insurance Full Coverage Car Insurance Most car owners know they need car insurance and would like to rest in the knowledge that they have a full coverage car insurance policy. Actually, there is no such thing as

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What makes vehicle a commercial vehicle that requires commercial car insurance?


Well if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck it probably is a dock… Many people think they can get private or individual car insurance on a white panel van, or a commercial

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Who’s car insurance pays if I’m in an accident?

Who’s car insurance pays when you’re in an accident is typically based on who’s at fault. If you get a incident report or a police report at the scene of the accident and it says that you’re at fault then

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Cheapest car insurance for teens is not always based on the cheapest car.


Many parents come to me, sometimes too late after they’ve purchased what they believe is a less expensive car for their teenage driver come to find out the overall cost of ownership is significantly higher… If you’re trying to save

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The underinsured dilemma is the hidden trap you may have gotten yourself into with your car insurance.


Because today’s average car price is in excess of $60,000 and minimum state limits are only $25,000 when it comes to car insurance many drivers on the road today are significantly under insured. Your base insurance is 80% of your

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